GBK Resorts World

With a design based on that of a luxury liner, Resorts World Birmingham is the first Resorts World entertainment complex to be built in Europe. Boasting 49 shops, 18 bars, Britain's largest casino, a cinema and conference centre, the £150million project is the first large-scale outlet destination in the West Midlands, and with 10,000 visitors expected daily it was no wonder GBK saw it as a prime location.
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Hospitality, Birmingham, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

There is a distinct hexagonal theme to the interior of GBK Resorts World Birmingham, from the mesh screens and wall panels to...
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...the stitched hexagonal motif Craftwood applied to the leather of the banquettes, which form the restaurant's centerpiece.
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The complexity of the stitching - hexagons within hexagons - can be readily appreciated.
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Not everything in GBK Resorts World is six sided. The tan leather of this seating is stitch fluted in a more conventional style.
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The Result

GBK Resorts World has a warm feel to it, its rough brick walls and concrete ceiling accented with hexagonal patterned panels and brightened by the seating, stitch fluted tan leather and striking cedar green banquettes with a hexagonal stitch pattern that punch through the brown and woody tones of the interior. As well as traditional and conventional seating styles Craftwood has the flexibility and expertise to realise the more complex and original demands of architectural studios, designs guaranteed to add another dimension to any restaurant interior.