GBK Staines

Space in the Two Rivers Shopping Centre, Staines was hotly contested judging by a record 7,850 sq/m (84,500 sq ft) let in just twelve months and a 99 percent occupancy rate – a large slice taken by dining chains. Securing part of a unit previously occupied by Gap, for its 75th opening GBK set about turning a space previously fitted out for fashion retail into a restaurant, amid potential competition from 13 major food outlets.
Fusion Design & Architecture
Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

The former clothes outlet was deftly converted – the interior by Fusion DNA sporting diamond shaped frames adorning the walls. In the foreground one of Craftwood’s deep button banquettes, its pattern adding subtly to the theme, creates a grand impression for diners entering from the concourse.
Fusion GBK Staines 15 1653 ID4
Most of the left wall is taken up by a banquette run, its fabric woven into a myriad of diamond shapes – note the piping detail (below) dividing the units, not all of which were bolted together so they could be pulled out allowing access to the LED lighting system running behind.
Fusion GBK Staines 15 1653 ID1
A longer free standing banquette is located in the more subdued rear of the restaurant. Like the shorter version greeting diners on arrival it features a deep button seat as well as back necessitating precise manufacture to ensure the buttons on both lined up.
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The Result

Judging by those arbiters of public opinion, internet review sites, it seems Two Rivers has got lot better recently, visitors noting favourably that there are now more food places as well as shops. Given the need to make its mark in such a well contested space, opening day saw GBK welcoming customers with free burgers – a creative and well thought out interior meanwhile makes a restaurant welcoming everyday, GBK Staines being no exception. An essential component, from a practical and an aesthetic perspective, is the seating. GBK Staines mixes the plush grandiosity of deep button in traditional tan with the slick simplicity of a plain back banquette with stylish accents that runs almost the length of one side wall. It gives some idea of the varied design requirements Craftwood is able to cater for on a single project.