Giggling Squid Oxford

Starting off as an idea between a husband and wife sat in a tiny basement in Brighton which is now home to their, Giggling Squid Brighton branch. Giggling Squid opted to set up their Oxford restaurant on Walton Street in Jericho. Targeting “off prime” locations with this area of town gradually increasing its footfall, Walton street could be home to a few more eateries without the competition from bigger town players. Welcoming fans of Thai comfort food into its light and airy premises, the restaurant has lots of space but keeps that intimate feeling about it.
Giggling Squid
Oxford OX2
Hospitality, Oxford, Banquette Seating

The Solution

The interiors are a mix of eclectic floral wallpapers and framed fabrics and prints giving it a beautiful light spring atmosphere. Instead of the usual Thai style interiors this restaurant has opted for more stylish nautical ambience.
Our seating was upholstered in the most beautiful light green faux leather, we created numerous areas of seating throughout Oxford for the Giggling Squid and it creates such a beautiful flow through. Banquette booths were most commonly used in the design of this restaurant creating intimate dining areas for families and friends to enjoy their little sharing dishes all together.
Along one of the opposing walls we created a long banquette that lined the walls for smaller style tables to be used against inviting couples or single eaters, this was upholstered in the same faux leather as the booths, with deep button back diamond detail creating a beautiful chic look.

The Result

Each restaurant although very different to look at from their exteriors, the interiors lets you know that it is a Giggling squid. The same colour palettes are used throughout the chain, creating such a stylish intimate setting to enjoy their vast menu. Our seating at Oxford adds a little extra something to this stunning spot and creates extra space for any size groups for their clientele.