Megaro St Pancras, London

Blue Sky Hospitality pride themselves on doing things a little different, for the Megaro, close to London’s St Pancras station, they wanted a hotel with “Personality”, not just another “faceless hotel” like those they saw opening across the capital.
Blue Sky Hospitality
London WC1
Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
Megaro Hotel Kings Cross 17 1496 ID3

The Solution

The view of the lobby illustrates the setting in which the seating would find itself. The Interiors features copper work with complementing wood panelling, while period style electric arc bulbs provide atmospheric lighting.
Megaro Hotel Kings Cross 17 1496 ID23
There are “steampunk” features, such as the metalwork, pipes, coils and cogs of these wall panels, which the leather seating works beautifully with, the seat backs also feature a fabric centre panel matching to the paintwork.
Megaro Hotel Kings Cross 17 1496 ID18
The seating leather ably blends with the interior woodwork – an eclectic collection of gas-masked mice, apothecary bottles and copper-ware nestle in Pigeon holes above one of the banquettes.
Craftwood carefully stained the oak veneered seating plinths to obtain a match for interior woodwork.
Megaro Hotel Kings Cross 17 1496 ID17

The Result

Blue Sky’s desire for the hotel with personality was certainly achieved with the Megaro – an exterior adorned with London’s largest mural is matched by a “stylish and quirky interior”, to quote Megaro. The seating complements this aesthetic, a testament to the fact no matter what a client looks for in their interiors Craftwood’s long experience of working with designers from a variety of schools gives it an almost intuitive feel when it comes to the seating.

Images by kind permission Sam Lane Photography.