Ping Pong at St Katharine Docks

St Katherine Docks is central London’s only marina. Designed by legendary engineer Thomas Telford and opened in 1828, it was once London’s busiest docks, bringing foodstuffs and wares from around the world. Nevertheless its inability to cater for newer, larger ships – as it was so far up river – saw its eventual decline. Today it is a focus for an evolving development of offices, shops and restaurants.

As part of their constant evolution the restaurant and bar group Ping Pong has rolled out a new interior design concept with a lighter, chicer and contemporary look, across its London estate, providing customers with a fresh experience and a more unique atmosphere.
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The Solution

Ping Pong’s revitalised re-branding strategy included new interior fit outs for its existing restaurants based on a new model – merging the traditional side of old China with more elegant seating and custom made wall panelling and lighting.
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Designed by SuperFutures, the scale-like wall panelling, new lighting and Craftwood’s plain back seating in a “pacific” blue, give the look and ambiance to the St Katherine Docks restaurant Ping Pong were clearly seeking from their new model interiors.
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With Ping Pong keen to employ custom lighting effects, to this end Craftwood machined grooves in the capping of its seating to accommodate lighting manufactured by others.
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The Result

Ping Pong’s desire for a lighter, more contemporary look has certainly been realised in its St Katherine Docks restaurant. At St Katherine Docks the SuperFutures design boutique has come up with a interior exemplifying the ethos of Ping Pong’s new strategy – plus seating from a manufacturer whose breadth of experience and close working relationships with designers gives them an almost intuitive feel when it comes to meeting designer and client requirements.