R Twining Office Seating

When Justin Young, Project Manager at Twining’s, was asked to design a new office area, he felt it important to create a breakout area in the office at the same time. The aim being to provide a zone where informal staff meetings could take place and staff could go and have a “mind” break. Often just a small change in environment can help with different thought patterns and get new ideas flowing. It can also serve as a hot desk space for visiting staff and guests if required.
Justin Young at R Twining & Co Ltd
Corporate, Andover, Booth Seating
Twinings Office Refurbishment, Andover 9649 ID3

The Solution

Justin was responsible for the design of the whole office area and at this point approached Craftwood with his ideas for some booth seating. He had seen an image on our website of some triple roll back seating and it was felt that this design would work well in the area. The slighter higher back on this type of seating gives enhanced privacy for those seating in the booths which was an important consideration here.
Twinings Office Refurbishment, Andover 9649 ID6
Craftwood worked with Justin in arranging suitable leather and stain samples etc which took into account the colour scheme throughout. This was especially important as Twining’s were installing some bespoke timber wall cladding at the end of the booths. The client also visited our factory which further assisted with final decisions.
Twinings Office Refurbishment, Andover 9649 ID4
Craftwood attended site to meet with Justin and survey the area ensuring a great fit when it came to the installation of the seating. As on all projects undertaken by Craftwood, detailed drawings were supplied to the client for review and approval prior to manufacture commencing.
Twinings Office Refurbishment, Andover 9649 ID2

The Result

A modern and professional feeling environment has been created here. The bright injections of colour work to great effect with the rich tan leather booths which are further set off by warm lighting to the more informal booth area.