Sheppy's Cider

Located at Bradford-on-Tone since 1917, Sheppy’s Cider has been making premium craft cider through 6 generations. Although primarily focusing on the making of their cider, Sheppy’s welcome thousands of visitors to their shop, museum, tours, and restaurant. We had the pleasure of creating seating for them within their “Sheppy’s House of Cider” which hosts an even bigger shop, café, bar, restaurant and much more!
Sheppy’s Cider
Taunton TA4
Hospitality, Taunton, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

After freeing up their beautiful old brick buildings by creating new production facilities, Sheppy’s vision was to use these buildings for the use of a farm shop selling all essentials and fresh produce, a deli and a butchery. There is also a Café/Restaurant that visitors can enjoy delicious food and of course their famous cider.
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Being a fully functioning orchard and farm, bringing the outside in was a must. The inside of the House of Cider has a real rural industrial vibe, with their exposed brick walls and black metal ceiling joists throughout. Our banquettes work beautifully within this space, we used real leather which gave the seating a more rustic weathered look. To go along with the earthy tones the seating was caramel in colour and created a very cosy atmosphere.

Sheppy’s decided our banquettes were to be designed with stitched fluted seats and backs, giving the seating added beauty but also with it being stitched gives the added benefit of being easy to clean in a busy eating environment.
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The Result

Craftwood really enjoyed delivering this seating, we kept everything inline with the design brief and feel the seating works exceptionally well with the interiors of “Sheppy’s House of Cider”. These renovations have made the world of difference to an already fantastic venue. If you are an avid cider drinker then a visit to Sheppy’s should be on your list as there is so much to see, do and most importantly drink!