The Fable, Holborn

Located in Holborn in the City of London, this venue design is inspired by the fantasy world of fairy tales and the fabulous fables of Aesop. Every detail tells a story………It’s the stuff of fairy tales!
Drake and Morgan
Holborn, London
Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
Fileturn Drake & Morgan Fable 9358 ID5

The Solution

The dining area and bar is spread across 3 floors and the whole area feels spacious, fresh and bright thanks to the clever interior design and full height windows. Decoration and accessories throughout carry through the fairy tale theme.

Craftwood, who were commissioned by main contractor Fileturn, manufactured some beautiful free-standing leather banquettes with sofa style arms. The square button back sitting against a curved wall papered to appear as oversize book spines depicting famous authors’ names. The selected leather giving a warm cosy glow to the area.
Fileturn Drake & Morgan Fable 9358 ID2
Perhaps the piece de resistance in terms of banquette on this site though is the “book cave”. An oval booth in leather manufactured by Craftwood. Mounted on a bespoke metal frame also supplied by us, this seating sits within a cleverly designed curved, 3-dimensional wall of real books. The concept from Fusion was realised and manufactured by Concept Design Construct (CDC Ltd). Craftwood worked closely with CDC to ensure that when the two elements came together on site, it all worked as planned! The final article looks amazing!
Fileturn Drake & Morgan Fable 9358 ID7

The Result

A beautifully designed venue which brings together so many unusual elements that just makes it work!

Open from 7am, The Fable is the perfect choice for early morning meetings, weekend brunches, leisurely lunches, afternoon tea, post-work cocktails, late-night suppers, corporate events & private parties. The venue has an uncanny appeal to almost everyone……