The Harcourt, Marylebone

This elegant restaurant opened in 2016 in a former public house in the Marylebone district of London. Deriving from the French Mary La Bonne – Mary the Good – the area’s international heritage continues at The Harcourt, itself once known as “The Swedish Pub”, which today boasts a Finnish chef and Swedish “mixologist” (for those who don’t know that’s someone skilled in making cocktails!!). Originally The Harcourt Arms, a public house opened in 1826, its new owners sought to incorporate its period features in their new-look interior to give a sense of warmth and elegance.
Samantha Palmer and Andrew Endean
Hospitality, London, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

The Grade-II listed building’s Regency oak panelling has been preserved by owner-designers Samantha Palmer and Andrew Endean, being incorporated into the new interior.
The Harcourt, Marylebone ID2
A modern edge is provided by the art adorning walls and the “beautiful bespoke furniture” that owners Samantha and Andrew seem justifiably so proud of.

The leaded windows – another original feature – rejuvenated period panelling and Craftwood’s deep button back seating in black leather combine seamlessly in conveying style, elegance and warmth to the interior dining areas.
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The Result

With so many historic pubs closing The Harcourt gives a new lease of life to a Regency public house with a lot of character but which in more recent times had failed to fully realise its potential. A change of management and major refurbishment has seen it transformed into one of the capital’s most stylish purveyors of Scandinavian cuisine.

Billing itself as the “big corner of Sweden in the heart of London”, The Harcourt’s combination of a former Regency town house setting and cuisine with a Nordic twist has been hailed a success within the trade and by diners alike. With its tantalising Scandinavian “fika” – that’s a coffee break Swedish style – a menu that includes reindeer, expert mixologist and the comfort and style of Craftwood’s plush seating The Harcourt offers a London dining experience like no other.