The National Café at The National Gallery

Located just five minutes’ walk from the West End, The National Café is in a prime spot for a variety of events such as press night parties, dinner entertaining and private celebrations. With its mix of historic and modern facilities The National Café is one of the more versatile and unique venues for hire in London. Situated in the east wing of the iconic National Gallery, its is one of the largest event spaces within the gallery and benefits from its own private entrance.
London WC2N
Hospitality, London, Booth Seating
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The Solution

Being one of the most charming and elegant restaurants in London with its beautiful high ceilings and naturally lit dining area. Offering delicious dining options to be enjoyed in a charming dining setting by its visitors. Founded in 1824 the building is beautiful and the interiors add to its architectural beauty.
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The interiors inside have enhanced the space without impacting its aesthetic look. With the use of pastel pink and light grey throughout the café, this compliments the already visually beautiful room. We created corner banquettes that fitted snuggly into the alcoves of the walls, a roll back effect was used giving the seating that added bit of detail.
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Directly opposite our stunning banquettes that line the walls are wooden structures that were built to mirror the shape of the windows, we created identical banquettes to fit within these structures giving it a beautiful symmetrical look.
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3 different types of material were used on our banquettes, for the base a real leather was used making it easy to wipe down and keep clean with its busy footfall, on the backs fabric was used in two different colours giving it a slight contrast but still blending in beautifully with the tonnes throughout.
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The Result

Visually this space is really something. The way it has been designed has kept in line with its traditional heritage but added a modern twist. We enjoyed creating the seating for this space, it finished off the room perfectly. We love looking back at the pictures of the Café finished as it is such a lovely venue to marvel at.