Twelve Eatery

As the only organic plant-based restaurant in Dorset and the UK’s first Organic Bar to make cocktails with fresh cold-pressed juices, Twelve Eatery is a must when visiting the sunny South Coasts busiest beach in Bournemouth. Everything from their delicious dining options to their stylish interiors is animal cruelty free and sustainable.
Twelve Eatery
Bournemouth BH2
Hospitality, Bournemouth, Banquette Seating
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The Solution

An ethical theme runs through the venue, from colours used to decorate being researched to be completely animal free, using organic produce to cook with, using reclaimed oak for the tables and flooring, to even the material on the seating being “Vegan Leather”. The use of these earthy tones and colours creates a relaxed and serene atmosphere for all to enjoy whether you are Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian or a meat eater.

Our Banquette seating needed to be just as sustainable and Vegan friendly as the rest of the restaurant, so a faux leather was a must. Fluted back seating lines the brick walls, perfectly blending with the dark green cladded wood it is fitted against.
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Across from this a mirror image of the seating this was required to create lots of seating and walking space for staff and customers. Banquette seating allows much needed seating but creates a lot more room within a restaurant because it lines the walls meaning that where loose furniture would stand away from the wall and encroach on a clear walking paths, our banquettes keep it all neatly in line.
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The Result

Craftwood ticked all the boxes when it came to keeping it ethical with our seating, our wooden frames were FSC Recycled meaning they had been reclaimed from recycled materials and the leather was not leather at all! With a tranquil setting and a menu that could turn any carnivore into a herbivore, this venue was a delight to work on. If we can do our part on saving the environment, then we are here for it!