Water Lane, Bishops Stortford

When Cliff and Howard Nye found this ex-nightclub site in a run down old timbered building, they had their work cut out! But their vision has now been realised……read on.
Anglian Country Inns
Bishops Stortford
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The Solution

Originally the old Hawkes Brewery site founded in 1780 in Bishop’s Stortford, the venue has been transformed into a lovely restaurant …complete with cellar bar! Stripped back, original features, contemporary design and a brand new kitchen!

The ground floor is set over to the main restaurant area. At the far end of the room, the original timber frame can be seen, lovingly uncovered and setting a wonderful backdrop to a run of poseur height banquette. The backs being deep buttoned with a plain headroll …in a warm mustard colour. Angle-poise lighting above adding another dash of colour to the area.
Anglia Country Inns Water Lane Bishops Stortford 9643 ID13
Along the site of the restaurant, window seats have been created in an olive green cover. The back rest being mounted on a timber board above the seat pad with a gap under to help the light flood in, and creates a quirky feature.
Anglia Country Inns Water Lane Bishops Stortford 9643 ID9
Moving downstairs into the old cellar, there is a stunning bar that takes centre stage. The vaults in the cellar have been utilised by installing 2 large booths in the olive colour…the backs using a horizontal stitch flute detail elongating the space in them. The end wall uses a dining height replica of the mustard seating upstairs.
Anglia Country Inns Water Lane Bishops Stortford 9643 ID15

The Result

A really warm and welcoming venue has been created here, adding to an already great portfolio for Anglian Country Inns.