The style may vary but the quality never wavers

Banquette Seating
Perfect for intimate dining, banquettes come in all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.
Booth Seating
Popular in restaurants, creating an intimate ambience for guests as it gives an element of privacy. Efficient space utilisation for groups.
Bench Seating
Bench seating encompasses straight and curved seating, encouraging a social environment.
Poseur Seating
Designed for sophisticated yet informal settings in clubs and bars.

Details and finishing

Free Standing Seating
Seating Construction
Seating Backs

The importance of enhancing comfort

Here at Craftwood we pride ourselves on how comfortable our seating is, whether it be for a 5 course taster menu or just a quick drink, our seating will ensure whoever sits on it, is truly relaxed.


Guaranteed Quality Craftmanship

Craftwood prides itself in its quality craftmanship, we have a team of highly skilled employees ranging from designers, installers and our factory workers, to ensure we provide a high class product first time, every time. Behind your project there are real people making it absolutely perfect for you.

Looking for something different?


The possibilities are endless, contact our team to discuss a bespoke project.

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