Sprung seating has added elements which make the seating extra comfortable and is often used in Restaurants, Bars and Stadium boxes where customers are socialising, enjoying a relaxed dinner and spending an extended time sitting down.

Our Process

The Frame
The frame is made up of 25mm Plywood Rail, 25mm Plywood Former, L-End Former Structure and 3mm Hardboard for the back panel.
The Comfort
The comfort is made up of Zig-Zag springs to make the seat base extra comfortable, 25mm Chip Foam over the top of the springs and then covered in topper foam all over the seat base and back.
Final Touches
Covered in your chosen leather or fabric and finished off with either a wide range of legs or a plinth.

Bespoke Features

The look of the seating is identical to Platform Based Seating and Sprung Based seating once it's covered. The leather or Fabric options are what make it bespoke.
You can choose between turned legs or plinths. We offer a wide range of different colours and styles to suit your needs. Platform Based Seating and Sprung Based Seating provides different comfort levels, of which are complimented by our wide range of bespoke options.

Comfortable bespoke sprung seating

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