When a continuous flow is required, capping is utilised to fill any gap's.

Capping is often used to compliment banquette seating to ensure there are no gaps between the wall and the seating back itself, it is also used to join seat backs together to make it look as one.

Our highly trained site fit team will scribe capping to the wall if the surface is irregular.

We can make different size capping depending on your requirements.

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Our Process


If it is a irregular shape our Joinery Supervisor programs the capping's to be sent to the CNC machine for cutting, if it is straight capping our joinery department cut these by hand.


Spray Bay

Once all capping's are cut to size they are sent to our spraying department to be sprayed to your specifications.



Once finished they are wrapped and sent out with our installation team to be fitted with the seating.

Bespoke Features

Here at Craftwood we can stain your capping to match your seating, if you want it to match your plinth or if you want it to match something within your venue we can do this.

We can upholster your capping in your chosen material to match your seating.

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