Stitching is a detail that can change the entire look of your seating. If you wish to enhance plain back seating, look no further than the different stitch detail Craftwood can supply.

We have completed many different stitch designs for our customers. Please look in our Feature Gallery and filter stitching to see the combination of different projects we have worked on.

Stitching can be used on both fabric and leather, we can colour-match the thread and material to create a bespoke pattern for you, or we can use a contrast of thread and material to give a stand-out look.
Top Stitch 1440X1080[1]

Top Stitch

A clean line of thread can be colour matched to material or fabric.
Straightened 1620X1080[1]

Bespoke Stitching

We can create bespoke stitching from a design you have in mind.
Saddle 1528X1080[1]

Saddle Stitch

This is a design feature in and of itself, which can be used to create a subtle extra detail.

Blind Seam

This detail is a clean look if you require the seating to be the main focus, and no other details are needed.

Create your own bespoke stitching with us

Make your seating stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to find out how.