Leading supplier and manufacturer of seating for Educational Establishments

At Craftwood we create beautiful bespoke furniture and seating for educational establishments including staff rooms, dining rooms and student common rooms.

Staff Rooms

Your staff might look to their staff room as a place of tranquillity to escape the busy day-to-day activity of school-children! We might suggest booth seating as an option for teachers who want to catch up or have a semi-private meeting. Booth seating can be easily fitted into the corners of the room leaving a more open plan area in the middle for longer banquette or bench seating.

Dining Rooms

In more traditional educational establishments bench and booth fixed seating can be practical yet stylish alternatives to loose seating.

Student Common Rooms

These areas are for relaxation and socialising and therefore the seating that matches this should be comfortable and in a style suitable for this age group. You could mix up booth seating for cosy chats with long banquette bench seating for large groups to hang out.

So whatever your requirements are for your educational establishment, our dedicated project manager will guide you through the whole process from brief to installation ensuring your seating will suit your staff and/or students.

Here is an example of an educational establishment we have supplied seating to:

Homerton College, Cambridge

Looking for something different?

The possibilities are endless, contact our team to discuss a bespoke project.