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Leading supplier and manufacturer of seating to UK Hotels

At Craftwood, we take pride in our long track record in supplying beautifully crafted seating to the Hotel industry. We have manufactured hotel seating for all sizes of venues from boutique hotels to prestigious hotel chains where either a complete renovation or a simple refurbishment has been required.

We have received briefs which have included either styling the seating for the whole hotel or individual areas including the:

  • Reception Area where first impressions are SO important and curved banquette seating might answer the brief
  • Cocktail Bar where poseur seating adds sophistication and glamour to answer your brief
  • Restaurant where straight banquette and bench seating are key for a practical and good use of space
  • Lounge where guests can relax in sumptuous Chesterfield-style banquette seating

We will work with you to transform your brief into a style of seating which suits the type of hotel room, its layout and size. We stock a range of fabrics that suit both traditional and contemporary styles to ensure that your brief is bespoke to your hotel’s needs.

A dedicated project manager will oversee all your requirements from design, estimating, scheduling, installation and post installation support.

Here is a selection of hotels we have supplied seating to:

Leading supplier and manufacturer of seating to UK Hotels

Banquette Seating
Perfect for intimate dining, banquettes come in all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.
Booth Seating
Popular in restaurants, creating an intimate ambience for guests as it gives an element of privacy. Efficient space utilisation for groups.
Bench Seating
Bench seating encompasses straight and curved seating, encouraging a social environment.
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