Leading supplier and manufacturer of seating to UK Pubs and Bars

We understand that getting the right ‘vibe’ is key when designing the seating for a beautiful country pub or a vibrant bar in the heart of the city. Throughout our long history of designing and manufacturing banquette seating, Craftwood have worked with independent pubs and bars as well as chains. We treat each project large or small with 100% passion, reliability and commitment.

The term ‘gastropub’ was coined in the 1990s when pubs looked to serving finer food, wine and beer as an alternative to a traditional restaurant. Nowadays the ‘gastro’ element has almost been dropped as people expect good quality all-round as standard in all upmarket pubs and this includes the seating.

Traditional Pub

Traditionally the design for pub fixed seating have been button back banquettes along the wall. If the pub wishes to maintain a traditional look and feel then we will customise this style to bring it up to date with contemporary finishes and fabulous stain-resistant fabrics – important for those spilled drinks!

Modern Pub/Bar

For the more modern pub and bar, booth seating is a great option for customers who wish to share a quiet drink with friends as well as poseur seating for customers who wish to have a drink at the bar.

Impress Your Customers!

So whatever your requirements are for your pub or bar, our dedicated project manager will guide you through the whole process from brief to installation ensuring your seating will impress your customers.

Here is a selection of pubs and bars we have supplied seating to:

Gunton Arms
The Alderton Swan
The Mendip Inn
Sheppy Cider

Looking for something different?

The possibilities are endless, contact our team to discuss a bespoke project.