This style of arm creates a more private feel as the arm is elevated above the base of the seat. So if your vision is for private, more intimate dining, this style is ideal for you.

Settee-Style Box Arms are padded out with foam to make this design feature more comfortable.

This type of arm lends itself to the following environment:

Our Process

A frame for the arm itself is made from a rail at the top and a rail at the bottom, either side of the rails are two 12mm MDF Boards.
The frame is then entirely covered in foam to make it comfortable and to create its unique shape.
It is then upholstered in the same material as your seating and secured onto the seat itself.
Shaun Rankin Ormer Jersey 8809 ID50[1]

Bespoke Features

It is entirely up to you how wide you wish the arm to be. We can create bigger arms by using thicker rails in between the 12mm MDF Board.

Create your bespoke settee with us.

Speak with our team to discuss your requirements today.